Name: Duncan Weld Shaw.

Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Education: BA (1955) and LLB (1956) from the University of British Columbia.

Languages: English and French.


1958-1987: Litigation lawyer with Davis & Company.

1987-2007: Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

2008 to 2015: Counsel to my former law firm.

1955-1964: Pilot with the reserves of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Theoretical Physics:

Since high school days, I have had an interest in theoretical physics. I was particularly interested in what might be the physical cause of gravity. The idea that gravity may be caused by “instantaneous-action-at-a-distance” never made sense to me. Toward the end of my time as a judge, I decided to tackle the question of what is the physical cause of gravity. I read everything about gravity that I could lay my hands on. I sought and received help from numerous physicists and non-physicists. This enabled me to conceive and develop a large variety of ideas, some proving useful and others abandoned in the cold light of day. I have written papers and presented them to conferences, and have exchanged ideas with scientists and non-scientists all over the world. Some of my articles have been subjected to peer review and published in the international physics journal, Physics Essays. What started as an interest in the cause of gravity has spread to electromagnetism, the structure of matter, the cause of inertia, the phenomenon of entanglement, and many other areas of theoretical physics.


I invite communications with all who share these interests. My email address: