What is the Physical Cause of Gravity? This is an age-old question and, curiously enough, it has not yet been answered with a theory that has gained general acceptance in the scientific community. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity sets out the geometry of gravity, but it does not describe the underlying physical mechanics of gravity.

What is the underlying physical reality of electromagnetic phenomena? Does the concept of aether, as developed by James Clerk Maxwell, provide a rational explanation of electromagnetic phenomena? Does it also provide an answer to the criticisms of the quantum mechanics theory?

As a youth, I was fascinated by theoretical physics. However, my career path led elsewhere, and for 29 years I was a litigation lawyer. For the next 20 years I was a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Much as I enjoyed my legal career, the call of science never left me, and, toward the end of my time as a judge, I decided to pursue a second “career” in theoretical physics, with emphasis on the problem of the physical cause of gravity. Since that time, I have been studying, carrying out research, writing papers and presenting them at conferences. More recently my efforts have extended into electromagnetic phenomena.

Can a retired judge, who brings the point of view of an outsider looking in, devise ideas that help solve fundamental issues of theoretical physics?  Read on.

Physics Essays isan international journal dedicated to fundamental questions in physics. The articles it publishes are subjected to peer review.  In 2012 and 2013, Physics Essays published two of my articles.  The first proposes a concept of the physical cause of gravity. The second elaborates upon the gravity concept. To see these articles, click on the titles below.

The Cause of Gravity: A Concept, Phys. Essays 25, 66 (2012)

Flowing Aether: A Concept, Phys. Essays 26, 523 (2013)

In 2014, Physics Essays published my most recent article. It proposes that aether underlies the phenomena of electromagnetism. To see this article, click onto the title below.

Reconsidering Maxwell’s Aether, Phys. Essays (27), 601 (2014)

The posting of these articles on this website is with the permission of Physics Essays Publication, the owner of the copyright of the articles. The official website of Physics Essays Publication is  http://physicsessays.org.

The proposed cause-of-gravity concept posits that a sub-atomic substance called aether exists in space and in all cosmic bodies. Aether flows into cosmic bodies and accelerates as it does so. It exerts physical pressure on all atomic matter it encounters. This pressure is the physical cause of gravity. The flow of aether causes us to be clamped to the Earth; it causes objects to fall; causes the Moon to remain in its orbit around the Earth; and the Earth and the other planets to remain in their orbits around the Sun.

The first two articles provide details supporting the gravity concept. The details include: evidence of the existence of aether; mechanics of the flow of aether into cosmic bodies; the cause of aether accelerating as it approaches cosmic bodies; and how aether in space is continuously replenished.

The third article, Reconsidering Maxwell’s Aether, examines a concept of aether developed in 1865 by James Clerk Maxwell, and argues that Maxwell’s aether provides a rational explanation of electromagnetic phenomena. It also addresses criticisms levelled at the theory of quantum mechanics.

I invite anyone with a passion for physics to join me in exchanging views.  My email address is: duncanshaw@shaw.ca.

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